Friday 18 September 2015

#Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Certification ADM 301 - Sharing Experience

Recently like 10 days ago cleared my first "advanced" certification that is Advanced Admin, I have been preparing for Salesforce certifications but time for not supporting me, when time starts giving the support I cleared 5 Salesforce certifications in 80 days and the last on is this one, as I was in a continuous preparation of Admin ADM201, Sales Cloud and Service cloud certification, the preparation helped me allot for clearing ADM-301.

Preparations before appearing in the exam,

After Service cloud certification, I felt this is also not gonna be easy to clear, and trust me ITS NOT.
The exam has Admin, Sales cloud and Service cloud all mix together and raised with one level questions. So you should have Sales and Service experience must before appearing in the exam. Please go through the study guide to check in brief about the exam.

About the exam :
Cost $200 and retake is $100.
60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
Passing score: 65%
Time allotted to complete the exam: 90 minutes

Here is a table from the study that will help you what to look into the most for preparation

Its totally clear that these below points have heavy weight-age in the exam
1. Security and Access
2. Sales Cloud Applications
3. Service Cloud applications
4. Reports & Dashboards
5. Process Automation

Please check once before going to the exam the videos I have shared for the preparation of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, it will surely help you.

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