Sunday, 16 August 2015

Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant Experience

Added one more certification in my list, its one of the known logic based certification, I was nervous when I was giving the certification, you need to have in depth knowledge of Sevice cloud implementation in Salesforce, its all about how a consultant can implement Service cloud at its best in Salesforce.
click here to know more about certification. There are 60 questions on the exam and you need a 68% to pass. Here is the study guide summer'15

I personally recomment these blogs as well

Jeff Douglas Blog (One of my favourites)
How to Study for the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Exam

Here is a list of key points to look into before appearing in exam :

1. Knowledge-base technology
2. Email to Case
3. Live Agent
4. Social Contact Centers
5. Milestone & Entitlements
6. Communities
7. Articles
8. Cases (360 degree knowledge)
9. Search Results
10. Service Contract

Other then above you should have Call center knowledge, how to collaborate in between agents and why a consultant should recomment a call center for knowledge and article. Here is a tip sheet that can help.

As I shared a video in Sales Cloud Certification blog, here is the another that will help you in Service Cloud Certification, other then these if you have partner portal access then please do watch Service cloud related videos in it.

You can also go through the flashcard available on for practice.

If you are done with all these then for sure you are gonna do well in the exam, all the very best.


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