Saturday 3 October 2015

Mobilize small business at its best with #SalesforceIQ

This dreamforce 2015 many new things were introduced by Salesforce and one of the best and new things from the list is SalesforceIQ, at the same time I thought of using it and listing out its features, SalesforceIQ has utilized it well, it was formerly RelateIQ, Salesforce in July 2014 salesforce acquired the company .


I basically a mobile app for your emails integrated with your Salesforce org, with some extra feature using which you can utilize your Salesforce Leads, Contacts and Opportunities. You can create tasks as well. New SalesforceIQ for Small Business delivers SMBs a smarter and easier way to supercharge sales. SalesforceIQ is for Small Business, the smart, simple CRM to grow your business.
Here is the pricing, for more details about the pricing go to SalesforceIQ

I am just going to give a step by step, small tutorial of SalesforcIQ.

1. Go to the app store download SalesforceIQ app from there, install it in your phone.

2. Configure your email with SalesforceIQ, you can use gmail or outlook as well and then enter you salesforce Credentials.

4. After all the configuration done, you can access your emails with folders as in gmail you have created.

5. On menu SalesforceIQ have as of now 5 options, its continuously updating, by the time you install it can have more.

6. When you will receive an email you can right from that email you can create a Lead or Contact or Opportunity in Salesforce.

This is how a contact created from the mail is shown, on click on right corner check it will create a contact.

7. Feed in SalesforceIQ

8. Creating Task in SalesforcIQ, Click on the Task option from the navigator, click on right corner + button to add a new task, enter the information then click on check on the right corner to save.

9. In the setting option of the navigator, you can create you signature and sync your phones contacts with SalesforceIQ

for sales reps it will be too helpfull, they can utilize salesforceIQ at it best, thats why it is called as made for small business. I guess this is enough as it will keep on updating as it a salesforce product.

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