Saturday 18 July 2015

Salesforce - "Summer of #Trailhead" Bangalore meetup Experience

Hi all, I am here again to share some amazing experience of Salesforce meetup "Summer of Trailhead", its all about trailhead practice and awesome experience that trailhead gives to a learner of Salesforce, its an amazing place to learn and explore new things. I have already posted my Trailhead experience on my Salesforce #trailhead : Place to Learn, Explore & Play post.

Thanks to all the Salesforce geeks to join us on the meetup, thanks to Salesforce for sending us awesome goodies, I feel proud when I got some of those, along with goodies we got amazing trailhead stickers and books and the amazing t-shirts.

There was hands on for those who are new with trailhead, people took few badges as well, it was amazing when a bunch of people are trailing and tweeting about trailhead, take a look at one of my tweets

It was an amazing experience while helping and learning with new geeks of salesforce, salesforce is now a relation between two humans. Thats what I saw in the summer of trailhead meetup.

I cannot thank enough for the amazing book that I won at trivia of the meetup "Advanced Apex Programming" written by Dan Appleman I will finish this one asap, then will definitely post some new learning from the book.

Once again after #lightning meetup felt awesome to meet salesforce plumbers and newbies.
Thanks Salesforce and everyone.

Keep trailing!!

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