Wednesday 10 June 2015

Improved SAQL in Spring'15

The SAQL language is a real-time query language that enables ad hoc analysis of data that’s stored in dataset
SAQL is influenced by the Pig Latin programming language, but their implementations differ and they aren’t compatible.
SAQL is procedural, which means that you describe what you want to get from your query. Then, the query engine decides how to serve it efficiently. SAQLis compositional. Every statement has a result, and you can chain statements together.
Salesforce Analytics Query language (SAQL)
We already know about SOQL and SOSL. This is new Query language for Analytics cloud to enable ad hoc analysis of data stored in dataset. This is still in pilot.
 IDENTIFIERS Identifiers are case-sensitive. They can be unquoted or quoted. Unquoted identifiers can’t be one of the reserved words and must start with a letter (A to Z or a to z) or an underscore. Subsequent characters can be letters, numbers, or underscores. Unquoted identifiers can’t contain spaces. Quoted identifiers are wrapped in single quotes (') and can contain any character that a string can contain. 

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