Friday 24 April 2015

Salesforce #trailhead : Place to Learn, Explore & Play

A game that will teach you Salesforce while playing

When I saw and started working on trailhead for the first time, I loved it so much that at the same time I end up getting 8 badges, one of my friend is a salesforce learner, I just pinged him trailhead link and tell him to start now he is salesforce certified Developer because he cleared most of the issues in trailhead practice.

Few things I loved about trailhead...

Its amazingly developed for the learners, that they will start loving Salesforce.
Whatever the new things updated in Salesforce in these recent release are out there on #Trailhead to practice.
Awesome explaining
Trailhead has broken down the Salesforce 1 platform into various sections known as “modules” and these are further divided into units so that one can learn those sections step-wise. Anyone who is new to Salesforce or wants to learn more about Salesforce can use the Trailhead. One can select the module as per his background (developer or administrator). Trailhead is also a great resource for anyone studying to take a Salesforce Certification exam.

Write now out there trailhead have these modules, go grab the badges now now now..

My favourite one is Process Automation, lightning , flow everything is there to learn

I got the CATTER also, I can make you jealous because it was on Trailhead for limited time period now its not on trailhead

If you are new to Salesforce, looking to enhance your Salesforce skill set, or just looking to brush up on your Salesforce knowledge, then I’d highly suggest hiking over to Salesforce’s Trailhead and trying it out: #trailhead

Hopefully this post has gotten you excited about trying Trailhead for yourself. Go earn those points and badges! Please also help us spread the word and make Trailhead a verb. So the next time someone asks you, “What is the best way to learn Salesforce?”, you’ll have the best answer, “Trailhead it”.

Happy trails!

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