Wednesday 2 October 2013

An Example of Email Services For Salesforce

Here am using Salesforce provided email services, where we can perform Dml processes on the basis of mails coming to the salesforce Org.

Salesforce generates its own email on which if user sends email, it is received by the associated Salesforce org.

To perform this whole action, need to create a EmailHandler class.

Here is the emailHandler class "UpdateAccountFromEmail"

 * Description : Update Account's phone using Inbound Messages.  
 * Created By : Abhi Tripathi  
 * Version  : V1.0  
 * Revision Log : 10/01/2013 Created   
 global class UpdateAccountFromEmail implements Messaging.InboundEmailHandler {  
   //Method to recieve email  
   global Messaging.InboundEmailResult handleInboundEmail(Messaging.InboundEmail email, Messaging.InboundEnvelope envelope) {  
     //Instance of InboundEmailResult  
     Messaging.Inboundemailresult result = new Messaging.Inboundemailresult();  
       String phone = '';  
       String name = '';  
       //Text body  
       String accountTextBody = email.plainTextBody;   
       for(String newStr : accountTextBody.split('\r\n')) {  
         //Get name values  
         name = newStr.substringAfter('Name:');  
         name = name.substringBefore('Phone:');  
         //Get phone value  
         phone = newStr.substringAfter('Phone:');  
         //Remove spaces  
         name = name.trim();  
         phone = phone.trim();  
         List<string> phoneNumber = new List<string>();  
         //Loop through the String  
         for(String phn : phone.split('\n') ) {  
         //Assigning value  
         phone = phoneNumber[0];  
       //Check fo name value  
       if(name != null || name != '') {  
         //Query on account  
         List<account> account = [Select Id From Account Where Name =: name];  
         System.debug('##### value of account' + account);  
         //Check for list size  
         if(account.size() != 0) {  
           //Assigning value to phone field  
           account[0].Phone = phone;  
           update account;   
         } else {  
           //If name is not found then create a new Account  
           Account acc = new Account();  
           acc.Name = name;  
           acc.Phone = phone;  
           insert acc;  
       //Set success to true    
       result.success = true;  
     catch(Exception e){  
       result.Message='Unable to update your "Phone Number", Please try again.';  
     return result;  

Now we need to create our "Email Service"

Go to
Setup --> Develop --> Email Service

do as in below, in Apex Class field populate the name of the emailHandler class as marked, left Accept Email From blank, Click Save.

Now we can see the salesforce have generated an email id to which User can send email to Salesforce, as marked below

Now compose a mail, any of the email service as we had left the "Accept Email From" field blank, that will allow all the email services. Compose your email like this

After sending the above mail your Account will have a new record named "Test", or if you have already an Account named Test then it will update its phone field.

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