Wednesday 1 April 2015

Mass Update feature on List view of Salesforce

Want to update all the record showing in the list view ?
It is so easy and awesome to do using standard Salesforce functionality.
No need to install and app from Appexchange for that as salesforce already have this but the thing is its a hidden and non popular functionality. People were installing apps to mass Update the records in the list view, but here is the standard way of doing it. f

Please go through the steps.

1. Enable Enhanced list view and Inline editing on the user interface as shown in snapshot
for more details about user interface "Customizing User Interface Settings"

Setup | Customize | User Interface

a. Enable Enhanced Lists
b. Enable Inline Editing

2. Go to any objects list view

3. Click on the top checkbox to select all the records

4. Double click on the field value which you want to edit, here I have clicked on the checkbox, then this pop up will show.

5. Provide the value to the field and select weather you want to update all or the single record.

6. TADAAAA.... all field values have been updated.

You are done now, I posted this because it was there even though I was not using it, but now everybody should.

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