Wednesday 28 May 2014

Book Review : Getting started with SOQL

Recently I got an opportunity to review the book "Getting started with SOQL"by Magulan D.
The book contains all the aspects of Salesforce Object Query Language(SOQL). Here are my thoughts...

The books starts with the basics of SOQL, difference of SOQL and SQL and valuable implementation of SOQL and then all the clauses that we use in SOQL.
Most of the time developers didn't know what they can do with SOQL. As a developer or as an administrator in, we write many SOQL statements to fetch and validate the data present in the objects.

The sample queries used in the book will help you to understand the SOQL features easily. the sample queries are intended for beginners and for developers or administrators who are new to
This book also addresses the standards and guidelines to be followed when writing SOQL statements. The standards and guidelines discussed in this book will help you to write SOQL statements without hitting any limitation set by and to avoid unwanted data fetched through the queries.

Feature of SOQL is so vast, but for the beginners as well as for experts this book will teach something, even I learned allot those things that I was not using most of the time in SOQL like toLabel() method. The use of Date literals with their example implementation in the queries.

The traditional method of explaining clauses like how to write SOQL, Where to use Caps and where not, that we need to take care of whenever writing an apex class. Limitation is the one difficult thing to handle in salesforce and if we are talking about SOQL then its limitation are most important thing to take care off. In the book limitation of SOQL have been explained in a brief way.

In the end of the book author explained the some tools that we can use to execute queries, he have explained the steps of installation and how to take their best use with SOQL queries, I never used Explorer software but now am gonna to use this one.

I recommend especially those who want to expertise in SOQL or want to know the key things of SOQL at first place, surely it will help them out.
Book can be purchased from Packt, Goodreads, Amazon,

Monday 26 May 2014

Lazy loading tree with

I was trying to find something new to work, but nothing was making me eager to do that thing, and then I found out Jeff Douglas post of Original Post
Its an awesome post like he post every time, then I tried that thing in my personal salesforce org, and within few minutes I can see that tree in my org.

He's is using Jstree, its a jquery plugin, that provides interactive trees.
To know more about JsTree

So that was so simple, and too much awesome, I would love to thank Jeff for doing such great things.
What he's exactly doing is to load an Objects tree, using Jquery, jsTree and Rest Javascript and using Lazy Loading.
There is a component that he created and called that component on the page.

Here how the tree looks

Here is the Steps need to perform

1. Create an Object named Parent Object.
2. Add a parallel look-up to the Parent Object of its own. Name the field "Parent Object".
3. Create a component named as "lazyLoadingTree". paste this code LazyLoadingTree
4. Create a Visualforce Page, name it ParentObject, paste this code ParentObject

5. Here is the Static Resource that you need to create, this is called from the Component that we created earlier, you cannot save your component without this restJavascript

Happy Coding :)

Friday 16 May 2014

reCaptcha Using HTML and Javascript ONLY...

Googles reCaptcha , its so easy to use it using PHP and .NET plugins, but I was trying to make it work only by HTML codes,

You can read this post of for reCaptcha without plugin CLICK ME
Unfortunately I tried to search, but everybody is using PHP, and upload that PHP file on server, to use it and make reCaptcha working, but I want a single code to make reCaptha working.

Here how it looks

As my code is not perfect, I have not done anything for the errors, but yes the reCaptcha's verification is working just perfect, it fetches response and shows it to you.
Here is the code(just paste it buddy)
reCaptch HTML

Hope I've helped..!!!


Tuesday 6 May 2014

Opportunity "Probability" Field value assignment via "Stage" Field on VF Page

As you go to the Opportunity standard edit page, when you change the value of Stage field, the Probability fields value change accordingly like 10% or 30%. But the same functionality is not inherited by the VF page, so to perform this standard functionality we need to modify our VF page, as I have done.

This post is all about setting up the values of the Probability field of Opportunity associated to the Stage fields, as if you try this normally using VF page, this functionality doesn't work as standard salesforce functionality does, but doing some javascript stuffs, it can be done.

Here how it looks on VF page, by default these values are shown

Now change the Stage field value

Here the Probability field values changes with Stage value, as salesforce Standard functionality does.

Here is the small code for this,
VF Page Code

Happy Coding..!!!