Wednesday 23 April 2014

Branding Of Your Salesforce Login Page

Login Page Branding:
Salesforce winter 14 release Bring a New Feature Login Page Branding, able to customize salesforce login page with their own Brand. Now you can change the look and feel of your login page by adding a background color, custom logo, and right-frame content.
Follow the Below Simple Steps to Do It.

Step 1 :

Your Name --> Setup --> Domain Mangement --> My Domain

Step 2 :
Provide your Domain Name

Step 3:

You will receive an email on your Email which you have provided in Salesforce Org, Click on that URL and get Logged in.

Step 4:

GO TO --> Your Name --> Setup --> Domain Mangement --> My Domain

Then click on Deploy To Users

Step 5:

Click on Edit button under Login Page Branding Section.

Step 6:

Upload a Logo and Click Save

Step 7:

Go to your Domain URL, that you got in email, and you can have some thing like this.

Isn't is looks good :)

Monday 14 April 2014

Login Page With CSS Styling in Salesforce

Once I need to create a login page for salesforce sites, but it should look nice, so I used CSS to make my Login page look good, am sharing this, so that you don't waste time in just styling a Page.

Its as simply and perfect as it looks

Isn't it looks good,

Here is the CSS Style code, save this file in CSS format and make it a Zip file and save it in static resource.

Here is the Apex Class (this is not perfect, You need to make changes to save)

Here is Visualforce page.

Hope it will save some ones time.

Happy Coding..!!! CHEERS :)

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Dynamic Look-up of all Objects, To Make Your Life Easy #Salesforce

Some days ago, I got an requirement of mass updating, everything was just fine but got stuck at Dynamic look-up, where I need to make a single look field but if user want to that he can change it to the another Objects look-up and save the record.

That means if I want to create a single look field having dependent on another picklist of Object Names,
If user selects Account Object, then our look-up field will pop-up the records of Account object.

But if user change the Object in the picklist and now he selects Contact object, then our look-up field will pop-up Contact records.

Here is the Snapshot for more understanding.

When you chose Account

And when you chose Contact from the picklist

Then your pop-up window will show me Contact records

The code is so simple but I just like the functionality so I thought to post it.
Hope some of you will like it.

Here is Controller Class "DynamicLookupController"

Visualforce Page "DynamicLookup"

Happy Coding..!!!! CHEERS

Thursday 3 April 2014

Salesforce DEV 401 Certification Experience

I have just passed my Salesforce Developer Certification DEV 401, I was kind of afraid of it, because of the irony that I failed once already, so I don't want to repeat my past again.

My heart was gonna come out from my chest, when I was going to click on "SUBMIT" button, but let me tell you, its still in my chest.
Anybody, with determination can pass the examination, I found these questions usefull when I was preparing, hope this will help you all.
And I have some dumps, and study material to prepare, specially for DEV 401.

Only 3 things that I would like to refer all of you for the examination.

1. Sidhesh Kabe's Book of Salesforce.
2. Recruiter App. (Here)
3. Test yourself by propofs mock tests

Practice Test 1
Practice Test 2
Practice Test 3
Practice Test 4

And here is some question, that will help you, for more dumps you can email me.

Which of the following is related to View layer in MVC Model?

A. Workflow Rules
B. Validation Rules
C. Visual force Pages
D. Custom Objects
E. Apex Class

Which of the following represents controller in Model - View - Controller Model?

A. Tabs
B. Page Layouts
C. Custom Fields
D. Visual Force Pages
E. Apex Classes

Universal Recruiters wants to make access to records in such a way that all managers should be able to access records that are accessible to their team members. Which feature of's security should be used to implement this requirement. Select the one correct answer.

Object level access to profiles
Field level access to profiles
Organization wide defaults
Role hierarchy
Sharing rules
Manual sharing

Which of these is true about the Lookup Relationship. Select one correct answer.

Parent is not a required field and may be omitted.
Deleting an object deletes its children.
Roll-up summary field can be used to perform basic operations over all children of a parent record.
Security access of the child record is dependent upon the parent record.

Which of the following cannot be used to build a complete Custom Tab. Select one correct answer.

Display an external web page.
Display data using a VisualForce page.
Show data from a custom object using the native user interface.
Display the approval process using an Apex page.

Which of the following can not be translated via Translation Workbench?

A. Custom Report Type.
B. Standard Field Help.
C. Validation Error Message.
D. Report Name

Roll Up Summary fields work in which kind of relationship?

A. Many to Many Relationship.
B. One to One Relationship.
C. Master - Detail Relationship.
D. Lookup Relationship.

Based solely on the role hierarchy a manager can do all of the following EXCEPT:

A. View, edit, delete, and transfer his/her and his/her subordinate's records
B. Extend sharing on both his/her and his/her subordinate's records
C. View all folders his/her subordinate has access to, i.e., Reports, Documents, and Email Templates
D. View records his subordinate does not own but can view

Under what circumstances would the sharing button to be enabled on a detail view for a record.

A. A developer has added the button to the page layout
B. When record sharing is enabled in the user profile
C. When record sharing is set to public read only or private for the object
D. When record sharing is set to public read/write for the object

A developer has created a time-based workflow that escalates a Lead record 10 days after it has been created if no updates have occurred. What is the best way for the developer to test that the new time based workflow rule is functioning?

A. Create a new lead record; view the outbound messages queue
B. Setup the developer for time-based workflow queue; create a new lead record; view the time-based workflow queue
C. Create a new lead record; view the time-based workflow queue
D. None of the Above

All the very best for your Exam...!!!