Friday 3 April 2015

Duplicate Management Salesforce Spring ’15

Duplicate Management feature released in Spring'15 is one of easy and useful feature that salesforce release in Spring'15, same as like "Process Builder", recently I tried to implement it and this feature is doing almost all the things that we want and was doing using Apex triggers.

I thought to post it as people will get to more about this new features, and will start implementing it rather then using Apex triggers. I have added snapshots as well as it will be more helpful in explaining. for more description go for Spring 15 release note

Now here we go,

1. GO TO : YOUR NAME => Setup => Administration => Duplicate Management

2. Click on "Matching Rules" click on "New Rule" and Select an Object from the picklist , I have selected Account

3. Provide the name of the rule and select the field on which you want to check the duplicacy and select one of the selected value "Exact" or "Fuzzy"

Exact will match the exact match.
Fuzzy will check for the containing match as well.

Your rule should look something like this, then click on "Activate", you will receive an email on the activation of the rule.

4. Now create a "Duplicate Rule", option is write in below of Matching rule, click "New Rule" and select the object from the select list, I have selected Account object

5. Now add the values in the option showing in below snapshot

You rule should look something like this

6. You are done now, create an Account with name "TEST" and again create an Account with "test", it will show alert on creation on duplicate name

Salesfirce Duplicate Management have many features you can right trigger it have two objects as well "Duplicate Record Sets" and related child object is "Duplicate Record Items" where you can the related duplicate records, you can modify the page layouts as well.

Soon will post Duplicate Management's Trigger using at its best.
Enjoy Salesforce..!!!


  1. I am new to this feature but we have already validation rules are there under every object .

    I know some Importance is there behind this but i'm not finding out it. Even i'm not read completely about this feature in our saleforce referance guide

    Can you please explain(in normal way) diff b/w normal validations rules and this one and also other importances

  2. Mani, validation rule will only check the validations and the formats of the email Id and phone numbers of required fields, but it will not search the data in the object having duplicate name or Email, validation rule doesn't work like this.

  3. Yep got it..I realized don't ask blindly :-)
    It means without trigger we can find dupes..!!

    Cool it's GOOD feature

    Now I need to remove one trigger from my org then I'll implement this thing :-)