Sunday 19 August 2018

Best in Market - List of Code Review tools #Salesforce

Salesforce is an awesome platform, and has an incredible community that helps their developer and admins to grow in their careers. With Salesforce’s communities we get a lot of great tools which make developer and admin life easy. One of the important practices in project implementation is code review, as it insures your team has visibility into your applications code. Here is the list of few tools which I have found to help review codes:

1 Checkmarx : 

Checkmarx provides an awesome tool to secure your apex and visualforce code as well. It's easy to integrate with your salesforce org and provides you a whole report.
Report has the points of changes and what to changes, I personlly recommend this tool for your application and code security.

2. Codescan: 

Code Analysis Tools for Salesforce
Its an appexchange tool which is really easy to use and install in your salesforce org. It help developers to identify bugs and increase the quality of your code.
This tool provides incredible UI to analyse you orgs apex code. 

3. PMD source code analyzer :

 PMD is also of the recommended tool to use for your apex code, its easily catches the defects of your apex code and provide you how to get ride of those defects.
It searches the unused variables, empty catch blocks, unnecessary object creation. This tool really help to clean your code in apex as well as in Javascript and visualforce. 

4. Clayton : 

Clayton is a next gen tool which does everything when you need your Salesforce application to be the best. It's very easy to setup and use. 
Clayton integrates into your code repositories and enforces quality and security standards across your organisation, at all times, while your apps are built. It provides you analyses over not only apex but lightning component code as well. 

5. Code Climate :

 It Automated code review for test coverage, maintainability and more so that you can save time, it provides you real time feedback of your code that help to maintain
 good code as you go. It provides test coverage line by line as well, integrated with your GitHub repo, run analysis locally and team management with permission visibility. 


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