Wednesday 26 April 2017

Re Factoring of Flow Error While Running Test Classes #Salesforce

Hi folks,

Hope you all are doing great in your life, today I am going to post about the error we used get while running the test classes, most of the time all error are understandable, but after Process Builder ws introduced we got a new error while running the test classes, that say something like below

How to resolve this error now,

Go to setup and search flow like below

Click on any flow that you have in your org, and click Open link next to the flow.

After opening the flow paste the Id that we have in the Test Run in URL, like below

Now what you see after the page refresh, might not be the process flow can be a process builder as well, the good part is the name of the process builder name will be same, so you can search the name in the process builder name list. Now you have a process builder to look into and resolve your error.

Might be there will some other way around also to look into the error , but I got this.

Hope it helps
thanks !!

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