Thursday 21 July 2016

Trailhead Superbadges for Salesforce Super heroes

Trailhead is only place where any one can go learn and play, I have seen many people who are good with salesforce, they find it so easy, trailhead has things for everyone for beginner, for intermediate and for experts, and this time to show off your expertise to everyone Trailhead has launched Superbadges

These badges are not so easy to get, and I loved spending time on trailhead for super badges.

There are four new Superbadges as of now and more are coming

First one is Apex Specialist, here you have to show yours skills of Apex like callouts, test classes etc. This badge will take around 8 hours, you will get to practice scheduling of apex class and writing test class for that.Its a great learning badge for the intermediate apex developers.

And the second one is Lightning experience, it is one of the best, you will get the lightning experience to get the hands on. Please try this one, you will feel good after adding this in your trailhead badge list.

Third one is for Admin Champions of Salesforce, you can practice your report and Dashboard skills over this badge.

And the last but not the least is for Salesforce Security


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