Tuesday 6 May 2014

Opportunity "Probability" Field value assignment via "Stage" Field on VF Page

As you go to the Opportunity standard edit page, when you change the value of Stage field, the Probability fields value change accordingly like 10% or 30%. But the same functionality is not inherited by the VF page, so to perform this standard functionality we need to modify our VF page, as I have done.

This post is all about setting up the values of the Probability field of Opportunity associated to the Stage fields, as if you try this normally using VF page, this functionality doesn't work as standard salesforce functionality does, but doing some javascript stuffs, it can be done.

Here how it looks on VF page, by default these values are shown

Now change the Stage field value

Here the Probability field values changes with Stage value, as salesforce Standard functionality does.

Here is the small code for this,
VF Page Code

Happy Coding..!!!